Rouge (Red)         Version française
Mixed media, 20192020.

The following images are an extract of accessories, hybrid clothing and objects of all kind from a project still in progress. Around the theme of the demonstration and its representations, this work will lead to both an installation with Marc Barre and Chloé Bourhis as well as a photo shoot, which will allow to embody these different ways of expressing - bodies to the environment in which they are embedded.

Establishment of a common research theme with Marc Barre and Chloé Burhis and initial research.

Graffiti recycling. Messages doomed to be erased are perpetuated by the engraving. The paving stone becomes as much the memory of insurrections as a tool that encourages many uses: construction of a common ground (memorial), means of attack (throwing paving stones), defense (handbag), concealment (secret box), ...

To question the point of view and the ability of the message to hide, to reveal and to unfold itself.

"The module for everything", research of combinations with Chloé Bourhis.

Performance with Chloé Bourhis: repainting t-shirt facades.

Work around the bonnet, manipulation and extension to find new expressions with Chloé Bourhis.