Star        Version française
Slideshow, edition and installation, 2019.

These are teenagers who take pictures in front of a mirror with their mobile phones and who seek to give themselves to see, to shine and to be recognized ... The selfie is always trafficked, it is a staging that allows show themselves in a particular aspect. However, we do not really know what we show ourselves when we post one on the Internet because our image is fixed on a screen and no longer belongs to us. What others see and think escapes us.

Identity formation and the projection of one's fantasy are at the heart of this project. Here, the subject eclipses itself from the photograph and appears only briefly, in the background, behind its own light. The title "Star" plays on the double connotation of the word which refers both to the effect produced by the flash, a kind of luminous star, and to the quest for celebrity. If editing and video bring them together by building a common halo, the installation shows more what revolves around the practice of the selfie and how these teenagers send each other photos and draw a digital network that forms complex constellations.