English version
Edition, 320 pages, open format 372 × 242 mm, color or B/W print and spiral binding, 2023.

This edition — my last to date — chronologically presents almost 4 years of my life, between two break-ups that were particularly significant for me. Memories of holidays and daily life, friendships and loves beginnings, self-portraits, moments captured at night and at parties, photos of projects and exhibitions, intimate moments... In total, nearly 400 images take their place, revealing over the pages the people, places and elements that have accompanied me and helped me take body.

As the edition doesn't include a page of thanks, I'd like to express my gratitude to all those who have made its existence possible, even by their simple presence at my side  — at one time or another, for a few minutes, days, months or years, in Paris, Berlin, Marseille or elsewhere... Thank you for the time spent, the encounters, the discussions, the parties, the games, the projects, the trips, the moments of expectation, intimacy, doubt... In short, for the joy, love and sorrow we've shared.

[The edition can be viewed via a video link by clicking here: It also exists in a B/W version on recycled paper, which can be seen here:]