Not Safe For Work         Version française
100 pages bound with a ring, 164 × 420 mm, 2017.

"Not Safe for Work" (NSFW) is an acronym used in digital discussion spaces, forums, blogs, community websites to mark links or addresses with sexually explicit content and therefore inappropriate for the view of a professional audience or family.

In my case, NSFW is a publication of 100 emails that were sent to Polymago between 2009 and 2010 and that I found in June 2017 during my studio internship. Sentimental scam attempts are archived chronologically, also punctuated by a few advertisements for Viagra or pornographic sites. Spam is linked and operates through stories of fictional women, artificial stories and tempting photos. Despite the content which is very often unbalanced, badly translated, copied or doubtful, the catchphrases remain direct, without any ambiguity and aim to benefit from a complex relationship between virtual communities and exploit a gullibility, a false immediacy of desire.