Masks        Version française
Photographic series, audio recording / written restitution, 20202021.

After being interested in makeup, through the drags queens in my project called “Figures”, I explored what might appear as the opposite: these hoods and these masks that hide the face and often restrains it.

These are in fact other means of incarnation which summon up other sensations, other pleasures and which open up to a multiplicity of functions and a variety of forms that I wish to document. I thus met different users to photograph them and talked to them about their relationship to the object, bodies, desires, sexualities, ... My goal is to present a range of profiles, genders, ages and positionings through portraits that always consist in associating a photography to an audio or a written story (according to the mode of demonstration: exhibition/edition). A limited point of view allows them both to freely reveal intimate stories while maintaining their anonymity - an ambivalence that places the viewer in a voyeuristic position.