Looking for         Version française
Photo album,  210×297 mm, 2017 – 2018.

"Looking for" is a project that brings together several selfies made on Snapchat and in which my face is confused with a quantity of images already present on my phone. I am interested in the practice of selfie which aims to be exhibited and displayed in the public sphere, within an ever-increasing flow of images. Today social networks as well as the smartphone act as an extension of oneself which allows the users to control more and more their image and to build it - a practice which transforms our relation of the other to oneself and of oneself to others .

Here, the staging of the selfie reveals the idea of a focused act where the author is in search of a fluctuating and unlimited identity. Transformations appear, are constructed, erased and a series of digital images takes shape. The screen has become a river of images.