Lisières (Edges)         Version française
Double-sided prints on various papers, deployable edition in different forms and quantities (consulation, performance or exhibition hanging). Approximately 300 double-sided pages in total, work in progress since 2019.

“Lisières” (translated as “Edges”) gathers a heterogeneous set of personal photographs from 2016 to 2023. Those — often images wandering on my computer — are printed on papers that are themselves collected in my work spaces and whose characteristics are very multiple and can sometimes add up: matte, glossy, thin, thick, blank, annotated, coloured, torn, painted papers, etc.

The term "lisières" (edges) is used here to mark the place where specific contacts take place between the images and their supports. It is not used to express spaces of separation — in other words: borders — but rather to symbolise vague and shifting spaces of encounter between different environments. The edges are porous, open to otherness and dialogue. They present particular conditions and sometimes specific micro-habitats, favourable or unfavourable to the species of adjacent environments. Just as in the natural environment, my edges are designed to live and evolve in a moving manner in space and time. You have to experience their materiality and fragility by touching or feeling them in an edition without a binding, and therefore without a fixed chronology. In short, loose leaves that are arranged by subjective affinities — sometimes random — but which can also be extracted to be exhibited alone or in groups.