L'image contient peut-être (The picture may contain)         Version française
Edition made of envelopes, 229 × 324 mm. Approximately 100 folders in total, work in progress since 2020.

L'image contient peut-être (The picture may contain) is a collection of images originally posted on the social network Instagram. These images were flagged by the application's algorithm as sensitive content before being reduced in visibility or censored. In order to decipher these images, to analyse their supposedly offensive content and therefore the reason for their exclusion, I hijacked a feature offered by the social network: a synthetic and automatic image description system initially designed for blind or visually impaired users. I play with what the artificial intelligence sees and what the image really represents before classifying each one in a folder that corresponds to it. Within these folders, naked bodies can be found alongside works of art, vernacular photographs, images of war, mistreated animals or abused bodies. Everything is mixed together and seems to have the same value. None of the files say anything about the origins or conditions under which the images were taken, made, or circulated. No captions, no comments: the images have become autonomous elements. Now extracted from their original environment and printed on self-adhesive paper, they are offered a new possibility of existence. They can be exposed and exist in a different way, spread outside and parasitize others elsewhere.