Impressions         Version française
Mixed media, 2018  2019.

By various means, I explore a body which is more and more part of an affirmation, an incarnation or a staging of self:

1) The first work marks my interest in the body and its carnal envelope confronted with the text. The blank garment cover usually used as a protective film is here an unveiling, a body that can be read. An overlay, like an overprint, on which isolated words or sentences become inked, assert themselves, disperse, then respond. Unlike a tattoo, these writings are affixed without obvious intentionality and a disturbance appears in the discordance of the sentences posed as a shadow on the skin. A subtle way to try to dress the nudity or to make it more suggestive ...

2) Make body. This work revolves around torso images collected from Grindr. I designed a screen garment that exposes these intimate photos out of step with their original support. It allows me to withdraw from these normalized attitudes and to reveal their recurring motive. The result puts skin on skin the photos on the body, produces an abyss which mimics the attitudes in force while replaying them in my own way. The relationships of scale and contrast between the group and the subject affirm two different dimensions, where the body of my model hides and reveals itself in the interstices of this series.

3) I collect clothing labels that have an evocative name and that I like by their outdated, humorous or poetic aspect. I try to replace them and start by turning over the shirt necks to put them in front and display them explicitly. Then the label moves and wears like a curb chain that names a personality trait or an anecdote to the model. The letter and the word induces on the perception of the one who wears it like a legend to make a pictorial portrait. So much research that should be read as spontaneous experiences in which words take place, combine and sometimes combine to create an intimate lexicon around the body.

4) Finally, I tackle the garment more directly. I propose a rereading of cleansing wipes collected from drag queens by making prints on white fabrics. Surfaces which are brought to dress the bodies of my models as well as to become the support of a construction for them. It is a staging that plays with identities, appropriates them or abandons them to end up replaying their attitudes. The feeling of an eternal search that closes the loop.

Overview of the edition which groups together and sometimes combines the different areas of research presented above: