Correspondences        Version française
Series of aperiodic editions, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

Thought to be sent by mail after stays in different cities, "Correspondences" is a series of double-sided folders that deploy to give news, deliver images and tell stories. The edition leaves a trace of the weekend, the few days or the week spent in the form of a timeline that plays with the connections, the size of the images and the paper support.

If they are originally conceived in an independent and linear way, they can also be deployed together by being displayed on a wall like a poster. The result is a nebula of images whose layout is constantly variable, adjustable and extendable.
An example below with five editions, in order for the two posters: Cap d'Agde (2017), Berlin (2017), Kervingu (2018), Arles (2018) Venice (2020).