Mobil’ home
Typography and poster, 450 × 650 mm, 2018.

In view of the exhibition "Mobil’ home "at the Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine, I worked on a modular typography around the concept of mobility. It’s constructed using two modules, a square and a quarter circle which form letters with composite, heterogeneous and ambiguous combinations which evoke a structure in perpetual motion. The letter is destined to evolve, to transform, to build or to disintegrate in space like some shelters which have this movable and mobile character.

For the poster of the exhibition, I chose to treat mobility by immersing myself in the iconography of 3D modeling software which are tools that invite manipulation. The poster uses the possibilities of this software to stage typography in a way that seems rhythmic and agitated. The transformations and movements in the background are mixed with construction features, games of transparencies and lights that disturb our reading and make sense of the idea of mobility by creating movement and instability within the visual.