Festival de Confolens
Poster, 450 × 650 mm, 2018.

A poster work for the Confolens festival, a folklore festival with a human, festive, friendly and universal tone that has existed since 1958. My work here consisted in making current the traditional practice of folklore and thus in attracting and conquering a new audience, younger, urban and dynamic.

 After several graphic researches and by analyzing the previous editions of the festival, I realized that the patterns were very present but especially very diverse in folk culture. It seemed important to me to work with this graphic richness since Confolens welcomes the 5 continents to its festival. I chose to extract certain forms from the patterns and bring them together in a common visual, in which they would coexist, exchange and express themselves. Their graphic style aims to be synthetic, contemporary and thoughtful with the aim of creating a "universal fabric" which is at the same time open, accessible and representative of weaving and cultural interbreeding. My final poster expresses the different cultures that mix and intersect, the superimposition highlights a profusion, a rhythm and a tempo representative both of the dance and the music. A multiplicity of colors is used to reinforce this swarming and evoke the convivial, festive and joyful aspect of the festival.